How to Build a Thriving Cabinet Shop

What, exactly, is a thriving cabinet shop? 

When I talk about a thriving cabinet shop, I mean that your business can be growing and profitable without you, the owner, directly doing all of the work.

As owners, it’s easy to only be profitable because of the work that you’re directly putting into the business. A quote I like to keep in mind is from Beau Lewis. He said, “your business is only as valuable as what it does when you’re not in it.” That’s huge!

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Now, you shouldn’t take that to mean that you can be lazy or that you shouldn’t do work in your company. However, it does mean that your shop should be able to produce and be profitable on a regular basis without your direct input.

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Grow and Stay Dangerous

If you’re not growing, you’re dying. 

I always like to make sure that my shop’s top line is growing every year, but to me, growth also means personal growth. As we grow our company, I also want to grow myself as an individual, as a manager, and as a leader.

Knowing how to cut boards, pay bills, and all of the other activities in the business is important because it keeps you dangerous. If you know how to do each task in your shop, then nobody can come into your organization as you hire, scale, and grow that can be better than you. You’ll never be backed into a corner. Part of my personal and leadership growth is staying on top of all of the processes in my shop so that I always stay dangerous. 

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Rapid Fire Value Tips

Some quick tips to creating a thriving cabinet shop are:


Have a Vision

Your vision should be like a lighthouse in the distance. You’re always traveling toward the light, but you can’t necessarily reach it.

Your vision should be a slightly audacious goal out in the distance. There may never come a day when you’ve reached it, but you should always be moving in the direction of it.

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The goals that you set along the way are the milestones that keep you on the path toward your vision. 


Have an Exit Strategy

If the time comes where you need to move on, move out, or just need time to yourself, then you need to have options. A thriving cabinet shop is valuable when you have exit options.


Start Learning About Lean Manufacturing

Reading 2 Second Lean by Paul Akers and implementing lean strategies will have a huge impact on your bottom line. By implementing just a few changes, your efficiencies will go through the roof.


Start Grooming Your Employees to Become Self-Sufficient

Training your employees to be self-sufficient and self-operating is easier said than done. However, it adds huge value to your shop to have employees who can get their daily work done without your finger being on them all of the time. 

Employees are key to building a thriving cabinet shop. Check out my free resource about creating a team of motivated employees. 

Tell me: What are you focused on right now to help your shop thrive?