How Ultimate Cabinet Components Can Help You Sell More

Ultimate Cabinet Components is a frame-less cabinet component box manufacturer, with the goal of helping every customer gain 50% component capacity with no capital investment. By this we mean that outsourcing manufacturing allows a company to free themselves up to have more time to go sell.

Time that would normally be spent on the shop floor or getting jobs ready to produce just is now freed up when you’re outsourcing your cabinet parts. With that capacity gain, an owner could focus more on sales. They could also consider hiring a salesperson who could put out a continuous sales effort with boots on the ground. Ultimately, it gives the owner more times to focus on a sales process. Which, as we’ve been talking about, sales is mostly a process. It needs to be something that is a continuous part of our business.

How Ultimate Cabinet Components Can Help You Sell More -1

So often sales are something that we do when we start slowing down or running out of work. Then we think that we need to put a huge emphasis on sales. For a business to be healthy and continually grow, we need to continually be focusing on selling. There should always be leads coming in the funnel at the top and customers coming out of the funnel at the bottom at a consistent rate.


Ultimate Cabinet Components helps you avoid the vicious sales cycle

Another way that UCC helps customers sell more cabinet jobs is that we get you out of the vicious sales cycle. By outsourcing some or all of your manufacturing capacity, you are evening out that sales cycle to where you can have the opportunity to sell more. If you recall, the vicious sales cycle is something that a lot of small business’ follow. Which means they sell at a high pace then quit selling when they have enough work and production goes up and sales goes down. But then they run out of business and sales has to ramp back up and as a result the two lines are never consistently moving up and to the right. They get stuck in a wave pattern where either sales is high or production is high but they’re never both increasing. Instead we want those lines to be consistent with each other where production is following sales up and to the right constantly.

In short, UCC provides the stability to a small business or any company to have a sales process and grow continually without having to be concerned with the issues of manufacturing or capacity. That way a company is able to focus on the leads that come in the door from their continuous sales effort.


Need a Quick Way To Streamline Your Sales Process?

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Growth Toward Your Goals

Another way that UCC is going to assist companies in gaining more cabinet jobs is through our company’s goal. That goal is to partner with you in growth. This means that we will offer all of our resources in an effort to making you grow. Because when you experience growth, we also see that growth. We offer time, resources, and any other things we can to assist your future as a cabinet shop.

Outsourcing has never been easier. These days with the existence of Allmoxy and Lockdowel assembly times being so easy and quick, the customer is at the forefront. All of these efficiencies being tied together means that the client can purchase, assemble, and build cabinets easier than ever. This creates more time for you to sell more cabinets than ever.

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I’ve shared my expertise in this area of sales and I hope that you’ve enjoyed it. If you want to partner in growth as a cabinet shop that wants to grow please let me know! We are always looking at ways to make thing more efficient and effective for our clients!

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