I Started Building Cabinets, And Now I’m A Business Owner

When you started in the cabinet world, did you start as a craftsman? I certainly did. My journey began with a love for the trade, but I soon found out that the business side is as hard, or harder, than learning the craft of woodworking.

What’s the biggest difference between learning woodworking and learning to run a woodworking business? Press play to find out.



The Difference Between Woodworking and Running a Woodworking Business

If you’re like me, you developed woodworking skills and then decided to use your skills to start a business. I don’t imagine very many shop owners started as a business professional first and later learned the craft of woodworking.

In my experience, the biggest difference between woodworking and running a business is that the steps of carpentry and woodworking are very defined. However, business rules are not clearly defined at all. 

"Not only are the business steps not clearly defined, but they also seem to change as you progress."

Not only are the business steps not clearly defined, but they also seem to change as you progress. Each time your shop crossed another threshold, there’s a new set of rules or new steps that you need to take to make your next big step forward. 

In business, the target always seems to be moving. The rules never stay the same. That’s the challenge of being a successful business owner. 

Even though transitioning to become a business owner is difficult, I think the majority of us would agree that it's worth it. It's satisfying to push through our thresholds and continue to grow our shop.


Leave me a comment if you’re a woodworker who threw yourself into owning a business. What do you think is the biggest difference between the two?