Symptoms of the Vicious Sales Cycle

We have all been there as business owners, fighting the vicious sales cycle, the feast or famine that seems to plague most small businesses. 

The problem with feast or famine is that it has a profound effect on our cash and operations of the business, not to mention our moods as owners. 

One minute we are swamped with work and everyone is on overtime. The very next minute we are pulling everyone back on hours and there is not enough work to go around.  And to top it off, as my lead guy once put it, "It seems like your mood is directly tied to the cash that the company has at the time. Happy when cash is up, a bear when it is down." 


Sound Familiar?

Take a look at the infographic to the right and see if your shop is showing the symptoms of being stuck in the Vicious Sales Cycle.


There's a Way Out

If you think you might be stuck, know that there is a way out.

Take a look back at our article, Defeating the Vicious Sales Cycle, to learn how get out of this cycle. Use the tips in that article to keep a continuous sales effort and maintain production levels and soon your cash cycle will normalize.

Not to mention, your mood will definitely improve knowing your profits will stay in your account rather than go to funding the next Vicious Sales Cycle.  








Escaped the Cycle?

Have you already escaped your own vicious sales cycle? Be sure to comment below and let us know how you did and what effect it had on your shop!

More questions about this brutal cycle? Post your question below and we will be sure to answer. We want to see shops succeed.