The Benefits of Outsourcing with Lockdowel

Perhaps you’ve heard about Lockdowel but did you know about the multitude of benefits of using this system? In our last article we discussed specifics about how Lockdowel works and what it looks like to implement it into your system. In this article we are going to talk about buying and assembling Lockdowel cabinet components. Our company’s only construction method is Lockdowel. We currently do not provide a dowel or confirmat system. Lockdowel is is our only choice.

The reason for that is the precision and the setup time to get ready to mill Lockdowel components is somewhat significant so we like to offer the one method because we feel it offers all the strengths of the other methods plus 2 other added strengths. The first added benefit of the Lockdowel method is that it doesn’t require any additional capital investment of equipment or presses or any specialized equipment to assemble. Secondly, Lockdowel construction method cuts assembly time down, making things much quicker and easier on the building side.

For us, Lockdowel fits our business model to a T.


Benefits of Outsourcing Lockdowel


Start building immediately 

The greatest thing about buying Lockdowel cabinet component parts is that when you get a pallet of cabinet parts you can start building immediately. There’s zero prep to do on the cabinets themselves. You can literally take the first cabinet off the stack and start building right there. And that is huge. To not have the time of ordering materials, waiting for materials, staging materials, cutting materials, prepping for assembly, edge banding, everything else that goes with getting a part ready for build, and then if you have any re-cuts because of dropped parts, missed parts etc, you take all that out of it. So when you’re buying components, you are essentially instantly buying capacity. Lockdowel components fulfills our goal of doubling our customers’ capacity without investing any further capital investment.  Depending on your shop’s efficiency in assembly, I believe you could more than double your capacity with no further capital investment.



Keep Cash in Your business

The other great thing about outsourcing Lockdowel components is that it allows you to keep your cash in your business working for you, rather than spending it on specialized equipment. There is some specialized equipment on the CNC side and Boring side that you really need to get before you get too far into Lockdowel in-house. By outsourcing your Lockdowel components, you are basically foregoing a capital expense that could be well in excess of $100,000....such as a CNC horizontal boring machine that bores and presses clips into the parts.


Free yourself to succeed

One of the unforeseen effects of buying Lockdowel components...



As soon as you click the button to actually order your components you are then free to do whatever it is that is going to drive your business forward. That’s one of the things that UCC is super passionate about. We are passionate about partnering with other shops in their growth and giving them the resources to scale their shops so that we can grow together. So as soon as you click that order button for Lockdowel components, you are free to go sell more cabinets, design more cabinets, assemble your other cabinets, whatever it is, you are free to move your business forward. Whereas, generally speaking when you hit the button to put your cabinets on the shop floor, that’s kind of just where the work begins, whereas when you outsource components you then have free time to go sell more cabinets. If you’ve read our earlier articles about the Vicious Sales Cycle then you know that buy outsourcing your components you can level that sales cycle out, which will also level your cash flow cycles out.




In summary, outsourcing your Lockdowel components can be a huge win for your shop, not just in the short term, but in the long term. You can dedicate more time to selling, you can keep your capital in your business to work harder for you rather than investing in really expensive equipment, and it can provide you as an owner to start working ON your business, rather than just IN it. As owners, we all really want to be able to work on our business to make it a better place for ourselves, our employees, and our customers.