[VIDEO] - Waterspider Kanban System


In a previous resource, 10 Lean Improvements You Can Do RIGHT NOW", we mentioned that utilizing FastCap's Kanban cards can jumpstart your Lean journey. 

We said Lean is about using your head, not your wallet! We emphasized that you probably don't need some fancy software to do what you can do with visual cues, like Kanban cards. 


See it in Action

We hope you've had a chance to start implementing Kanban so far. Today, we are bringing Kanban to life with our simple waterspider Kanban system from within a work cell.

Let’s review our input from the Improvement Guide and then take a look at our video to see what it looks like in our shop. 


Kanban Review

I have made it my personal goal to do at least 5 Kanban a day. We are using Fastcap's Kanban Cards and turning our entire inventory tracking into a visual system that ensures we will never run out of products when we need them.

Start with your main inventory items and make a card for them. For example, if you make a card for hinges, put the card down half way in the box or bucket. When the person reaches in there and eventually gets to the Kanban Card, they put the card in a "Needs Ordered" box near the office.

When the office orders it they put the card in the ordered folder and when the products come in, then the process repeats itself all over.



Don't be Afraid to Start Small

For us, this was the easiest way to get into the waterspider lean process. It's quick and relatively easy, but it can make a huge difference in your daily operations and help you avoid a lot of frustration. You don't have to get the lean process perfect from the beginning. Just start with what you can, and get after it! 

Do you remember reading about this idea a couple months ago and planning to use it, but just didn't have time to get to it? Trust me when I say there will never be time to work on your business instead of just in it. You have to make the time to continuously improve. If you do, the pay off personally and professionally will be huge. 

If you have put Kanban to the test, be sure to comment below and let us know if how its going and what effect it has had on your shop! 

For other tips on creating a lean culture ASAP, make sure to look back at the 10 Step Lean Improvement Guide