What You Need to Create the Ultimate Cabinet Shop Sales Process

Do you know how to create the best sales process possible?

It all starts with standardizing your sales process. I’ve written a bit on this before but basically this relies on building a sales funnel which you pour leads into the top of, and through maintaining constant contact with them, they become sales on the bottom end.

So let's try to combine all of these components and talk a bit more specifically about what we need to create the ultimate sales process.


The Ultimate Sales Process

My sales process is still developing, as I believe that sales will always be a fluid process based on where your business is currently at. However, the backbone is very defined and keeps things moving in the correct direction


1. Lead accumulation

We collect leads from our website on a regular basis. Mainly this occurs through client interaction with the content we produce such as our blog posts and podcasts.

Another way that we obtain leads is through a qualified list which has specific features that we are looking for in customers for our company. This gives us a consistent source of people that we put into the top of the funnel and can constantly market to. Now, this doesn’t mean that we dump a huge marketing plan onto every lead that comes into the funnel, rather we tailor our approach to each contact that we get. This allows us to aggregate leads and focus on the ones that are ready to take the next step with us.

The aggregation process can be very simple. Personally, I have some filters set up in my Hubspot CRM which helps me sift through new or unqualified leads. The necessity of this step can not be overstated because you don’t want to be distributing the marketing content that you’ve worked hard on, to people that it doesn’t pertain to.


2. Engaging Contacts to push them down the funnel

From a contact, we want to produce a sales qualified lead. The process by which we achieve this is to create curated content or reach out to the specific contact to get them further down the funnel. For example: if I have a marketing qualified lead that has visited the website a few times, and downloaded a resource, that would serve as a flag. This would create a task for somebody in our organization to reach out and call them in order to learn more about their company.

The next step would be converting them from a marketing qualified lead to a sales qualified lead by setting up exploratory calls to see if their company would be a fit with ours.This process will generally drive your contacts further down the funnel because it shows that not only do you care about their business, there is a mutual benefit for you to join them in business.

3. Conversion

Getting your contacts out of a sales qualified lead and turning them into a full fledged customer can oftentimes be a long process. I’ve worked with contacts for months who have hung around in the sales qualified lead phase that eventually turned into customers because it finally fit.

You always have to remember that very seldom will you get a customer on the first or second try. What’s more important is the constant contact, or the rapport that you build with them which will eventually gain you a customer in the end.

What You Need to Create the Ultimate Cabinet Shop Sales Process

Look at your sales process and the contacts you currently have.

Can you build a process with the current base?

Try dividing them into cold leads (which would be at the top of your funnel), marketing qualified lead (someone who shows interest), and sales qualified lead (a very engaged lead who has interacted with your material), and current customers who are at the bottom of the funnel. This will allow you to know exactly how to talk to each of your leads and can direct you to the next step you need to be taking with them. It’s all about getting the right content, at the right time, to the right person.

Please let me know about your sales process and funnel! Is it more in depth than the approach that I take? I’m always excited to hear about what people are doing in order to gain new customers.