Why You Need More Than Tool Talk in 2018

“As if you don’t already have enough to do!”

That is what my wife said when I told her I was going to start a Podcast. Although she is right and I certainly have a full plate, I still wanted to face the challenge.

There is little quality information about growing your shop or business and frankly, to sustain our craft, I think there should be.

My idea started because I noticed that there are not many podcast options for the woodworking industry. The ones out there mainly revolve around tools or shop talk, but I knew I didn’t want that to be the focus because, if you have been in the business for any amount of time, you know that tools are something you have to buy, not get to buy.

Instead, I wanted to do a podcast about industry trailblazers, business development, and everything in between. I have been in business for 15 years and have noticed that there is little quality information about growing your shop or business and frankly, to sustain our craft, I think there should be.

If everyone knows how to succeed, then the bar will raise and the industry will be better from it.

Over the years, I have met many shop owners and leaders in our industry around the world and I want to bring their struggles and successes to the masses. I truly believe that if everyone knows how to succeed, then the bar will raise and the industry will be better from it.  

This year, you need more than tool talk to reach your goals and for your shop to reach its potential. The guests of the Push Thru Podcast can help get you there. Take time to invest in yourself and your business this year by getting quality information and advice from leaders in our industry.


So what is the “Push Thru”?

The Push Thru is the constant state we are in as business owners. There are never-ending barriers we face when running our businesses and we can only get past them with the drive, direction, and mindset of continuous improvement.

We will always have to Push Thru.



Our goal with the Push Thru Podcast is to equip business owners in our industry with the knowledge and tools necessary to Push Thru their own barriers.

Each week we will bring you weekly interviews that are very conversational, revolving around the guest’s secrets to success, a business how-to, a topic deep-dive, or a reflection on the guest’s business journey.

Take a look at our first few episodes to see the topics we’ve been tackling so far.


Episode 001: How Lewis Cabinet is Changing the Game with Beau Lewis



When the Lewis brothers and their family all thought deeply about their ‘why’ and got to the core of what they desired, there was a common thread.

It wasn’t about sales volume, new machinery, bigger building; it was about people.

The common thread they all share is their love for people.

This episode's conversation with Beau Lewis  of Lewis Cabinet takes a deeper look at how focusing on the people in our business will help us to excel across the board.


Episode 002 : Why a Vision is the First Thing You Need with Martin Holland



If you don’t have a vision for where you are going, how do you intend to get there?

Martin Holland has devoted his last several years sharing his unique views and experiences with business owners to help reduce their stress and increase the performance of their business.

In this conversation with Martin, we tackle the importance of having a clear and intentional vision. A vision draws a very long line that you should not be able to see the end of. When the line is drawn, every decision for the business reflects back to make sure it reconciles with the vision.


Episode 003 : How to Continuously Improve Your Business with Brady Lewis



Brady Lewis started working for the family cabinet door business, Lewis Cabinet Specialties, years ago.

However, it was early on that he noticed there was a better way to do redundant tasks, so he turned to the computer.

What began as makeshift spreadsheets has evolved into an industry changing online ordering system that brings outsourcing into the modern era: AllMoxy.

AllMoxy is easily the most robust solution for component providers anywhere. But it didn't happen overnight.

Our conversation with Brady digs into the journey of creating AllMoxy and how continuous improvement can help every business owner Push Thru the barriers and thrive regardless of the outside circumstances.


Episode 004 : How to Interrupt an Industry with Fred Koelling 



Fred Koelling, one of the founding members behind the success of Lockdowel, explains some of the failures and hardships the company has endured while interrupting the woodworking industry.

Fred will be the first to tell you that innovation is always met with resistance.

Listen in to our conversation with Fred to learn how to Push Thru the challenges of innovation.


your year to grow

I believe there should be better content for cabinet shops, contractors, and manufacturers. We know there is more to learn and listen to than shop talk, tool reviews, and best practices.

That's why I created the Push Thru.

The Push Thru exists for the owners or leaders out there looking to Push Thru the barriers or thresholds that they see in front of them. Too often we set our bar too low and all it takes to get over the hump is a story or talk from someone that has been there and done that.

Join us for our next episode and get ready to grow this year!

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