Why You Need a Sales Process for Your Cabinet Shop


Until very recently I never thought that sales could become a standardized process. I simply thought it was something that companies just did or worked on when they had spare time.

But in reality, sales should be a continual process.

By having a constant sales process you can streamline your methods so that you have a way to work every segment of your sales funnel. It keeps your funnel full, because you’re constantly working on all your contacts and leads at every moment in time. 

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Most importantly, by making a defined plan, you are able to secure and close more sales.

For instance, let's use the metaphor of mowing a yard. During the seasons when our yard is constantly growing, we cut it on a regular schedule. However, if you miss a few weeks and the weeds get tall, it can take two or three times to get it back down and even then it may not look as good as it did before. If you look at sales in the same regard, if you’re constantly staying on top of it then the process is easy and doesn’t take long.

Sales can become muscle memory as you make it a part of your schedule.

But, if you let that process slip it can quickly spiral out of control and your funnel will disappear. At this point it becomes an empty container of contacts which are not being followed up with and almost erases any likelihood of making the sale. Instead, you need to always be moving those contacts in the right direction by consistently following up.


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Basically, a sales process will define how you get those leads from the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel. Ultimately it is a smooth and consistent effort, which actually makes it less work in the end.

Just like any other SOP we are looking to create efficiency. Contextually for the sales process this means that we are always making contacts. At first, it takes the yard a little while to green up. But once it does sprout, we just need to keep clipping it down bit by bit, every other day or so to keep it looking great.

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Another reason we should have a sales process is to avoid the vicious sales cycle. In the past we talked about the vicious sales cycle, you can read more about that here. In a nutshell, it says that a shop will sell for long periods of time and when they get to capacity, they will stop selling so that they can just focus on producing. But once they get done producing, they have to go sell more and as a result experience periods of drought when they don’t have customers. Instead of those two processes being mutually exclusive bell curves, you want to turn them into steady lines that increase to the right.

Yes this is sometimes easier said than done. But with a sales process in place, we can ensure that we are efficiently working our leads constantly and consistently. The most important part is constantly working our clients to make sure our funnel is always topped off and dropping sales for us on the bottom end.

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